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Rock Breakers

RAJ Trading & Manufacturing Services is a premier company dealing in Rock breakers in India. We offer a one stop solution to all your needs concerning Rock Breakers and other Heavy Earth Moving Machinery Equipments across India. We integrate some of the world's best technologies in tool making services. Every single tool available at us like earthmoving equipment, hydraulic rock breakers is tested on stringent quality tests. With a strong customer know how and understanding of market, we offer a complete array of Rock Breaker parts and other equipment at a time. We believe that only by providing our customers with the best services and support, we can achieve a goodwill which then fetches success. Our entire service flow is managed by a vigilant team of well groomed and experienced professionals.

Rig Pilling Machine

To prepare land and build a structure at a construction site, companies use a variety of vehicles. Each vehicle has its own assignments at the site based on its capabilities, and its operator is responsible for using the vehicle to complete any work needed. Some of Construction vehicles used traded by Raj Trading & Mfg Co. are Bulldozers, Backhoes or excavator, Cranes etc.


Excavator is the machine that can excavate the soil of various types forcefully and then using hydraulic system a hydraulic force is generated and utilizing this force bucket is pull back towards the machine. Bucket of excavator is replaceable. If front bucket is exchange with some other attachments then excavator can be used for multi-purpose. For example: pile diver, hydraulic jack hammer etc.
Excavator comes in numerous sizes depending on bucket size, length of boom, length of arm, and operation speed.
Excavators are mostly used for digging of soils and for loading dump trucks. It is either of :

  • Crawler excavator
  • Wheel excavator

Excavators are used for:

  • Digging of Earth
  • Loading and Dumping
  • Trenching
  • Excavating under water
  • Breaking previous layers of highways and loading.


British multinational JCB has been producing industry-leading plant machinery and agricultural equipment and machinery since the firm was established in 1945. RAJ Trading & Manufacturing is one of the best traders of JCB plant machinery. For the top-of-the-line quality and consistency in excavation machinery we offer a wide range of components for Excavating machines. The structural integrity of our products gives these heavy motors an excellence. We supply wide range of these components which are known among our valued clients for its excellent functioning. Our range is highly praised for best features. Also, these are in accordance with international standards and are delivered on time.

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